Werewolf - The Forsaken War

A Pure Wound
Chapter 1 -Scene 1-

A cold wind blows past through the trees as the traffic around you seems to slow to a dull roar. The humans caught in the streets seem to drop one by one, a loud snore pouring from their mouths until only the five of you remain. A howl rings across the buildings around you, and soon the glass in the cars and windows around you begin to crack and shake in their very frames. The shadows of the alleyways seem to leak into the streets and overrun all in their wake. With a dragging of claws, a large dog leaps from the alleyway and into the light of a streetlamp. The dog is dark and gray with a shaggy look on its fur. It turns its head to reveal large fangs and a deep green glow in its eyes. With a quick sniff of the air, he leaps onto a car and quickly pounces on his closes victim, sinking his teeth into the shoulder of a young man who cries out in pain and succumbs to the heavy sleep that falls onto his eyes. He flips around to another man and with a deep growl he snaps and lands a sharp nip onto his hand.

He leaps again and slashes a young man to the ground as his claws rake the mans face, deep gashes appear in cheek with red pouring over his skin. Unfortunately close, his mouth drips with blood from his recent attack and he brings both his paws to the chest of his last target. Her neck is caught under his powerful and gushes red once more. A large man covered in hair appears from behind a car with a strangely cut pipe in his hands. Before he is spotted, the last bite is sunk into the women with the claw marks in her face. He lands his teeth in her right arm, tearing downwards in with it. He rips all the way down to her elbow before the cup pipe is rammed into his leg. From above, the hairy man slashes the beast again, this time removing a large patch of fur from his back. The beast turns to fight and instead is greeted with the pipe for a third time into his eye socket. Howls and screams of pain ring out as the girl looses her consciousness and the wolf dies. With the last girl standing, another howl is heard as a second wolf leaps from atop a building and forces her to the ground, his teeth landing on her shoulder. This wolf changes into a human form, a naked man decorated in burning bright tattoos. The hairier man armed with a pipe begins to grow in size, to match him, the shadow behind the naked man also stretches. The rest of the world becomes dark around your eyes.

“Awaken little ones. Your distress has brought the storm to our forest.”


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